Providing Immigration Legal Justice for all

Why Donate to Centro Hispano?

Are you frustrated and heartbroken about the immigration system in the United States? Please join Centro Hispano as we provide solutions to the immigration problems of today.

  • Centro Hispano is the ONLY nonprofit providing Department of Justice certified immigration legal services in Utah County

  • Because of donations like yours Centro Hispano is able to provide immigration legal services at a fraction of the cost of hiring lawyers

  • Centro Hispano houses the ONLY Low-income Taxpayer Clinic in the State of Utah

  • Centro Hispano is the ONLY free or low-cost resource center for the general needs of the Latino community in Utah County

  • ALL donations go directly to helping people on their path to citizenship


Moving to a new country can be overwhelming. The Latino Resource Center at Centro Hispano serves as a connector and a resource to help immigrants successfully assimilate into the Utah County community. This is accomplished through a variety of services including:

  • Providing education on US systems like education, government, and healthcare

  • Resume building and job application assistance

  • Notary Services

  • Translation of documents and other interpretation services

  • Support with work, housing, and government assistance

  • Assistance with DACA renewals, N-400 applications, and ITIN applications

.. and so much more!

When you donate to the Community Resources Department you are helping subsidize these important services for community members in need, keeping them low cost or totally free!


The LITC is a free service sponsored by the Taxpayer Advocate Service. The purpose of this clinic is two fold. To educate members of the community about their tax rights and responsibilities; as well as advocate for low-income taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in audits, appeals, collection issues, tax revenue cases that are in controversy, or unfiled tax returns. At Centro Hispano the LITC serves immigrant families who need assistance with filing for an ITIN number as well as filing their taxes to show their good will towards the United States.

A donation to the LITC allows us to continue to provide these low cost services!


Currently there are no nonprofit immigration legal services available in Utah County, and there are several areas where plaintiffs (primarily Hispanic or Latinx) have insufficient representation within the state legal system: all family law issues, tenancy, and debt collection. With your help Centro Hispano will build a non-profit legal clinic to address these needs in the community.

A donation from to the legal and immigration clinic will help Centro Hispano lay a foundation for the Legal and Immigration Clinic in Utah County. Funds will be used to employ a project manager, whose responsibilities will include receiving Department of Justice accreditation and Office of Legal Innovation certification. Once these accreditations are received the project manager will work to implement programming, and begin representing these underrepresented populations. The project manager will also work to apply for additional funding from the US government for the Immigration Clinic portion, and find additional sponsors in the state of Utah to continue to grow and fund the Office of Legal Innovation representation project. Funds will also be used for basic office supplies, insurance, and trainings.


It can be difficult obtaining high paying jobs in the United States without a degree. The workforce development department focuses on providing job training opportunities. Our most popular job training is certified Electrician Certification (graduates of one of our last classes shown above).

Donations to Centro Hispano are essential and will be used to provide more technical job trainings helping the Latino community to obtain higher paying jobs and positions.

Job training ideas:

  • Certified Electrician

  • GED

  • HVAC repair technician

  • Class C Driver's license


Centro Hispano knows the importance of preserving cultural heritage. We also know the importance of sharing cultural heritage with friends and community members. We work hard to share the beautiful Latin American culture with the Utah County community. Here are some of the holidays we celebrate at Centro Hispano:

  • Three Kings Day

  • Children's Day

  • Festival Latinoamericano

  • Day of the Dead

Here at Centro Hispano we pledge to put your precious dollars to the best use possible. All donations are tax deductible. Donations over $250 will receive a tax deduction receipt via email. Email will be collected at the time of payment via GiveButter. Thank you for giving to Centro Hispano and have a wonderful day!